As I turned 14

my life was filled with hormones confusion and boys. I thought i was falling in love with half the boys at school but so terrified that my dad would find out I kept it inside..
My dad drove me around at 14 and told me get in there get a job and tell them your 16. So i did I worked full time at a restaurant while i was going to school. My last year in jr high was trying… I Learned how to work and the value of money.. I had to pay for everything I wanted. Plus work go to school and church….
I am great full to my dad for helping me out in this way. I didn’t have time for friends or anything. Every summer from the time I was 12 He sent me to gram-pas to work on his farm. Gram-pa was as interested in me as my dad was. I worked my ass off… Got big muscles tan… Damn I was hot…
but terrified to reveal the real me to ANYONE……